We have over 15 years experience expediting commercial and residential building permits in the Atlanta area. We understand the costs involved with permitting delays and attach the required sense of urgency it takes to get it done. We provide daily updates on permit progress and provide access to on line tracking so you can see whats happening in real time with your project plans as they make there way through the  permit system.

Nationwide Building Permits offers same day service for existing clients and offers convenient plan pickup and permit delivery services.


Restaurant Consulting

One of our biggest client segments is in the food service and hospitality industry. We have specific knowledge that is invaluable to restaurant and nightclub owners looking to establish a new location. We can visit your potential location and provide a cursory  code review of the premises and property and alert you to any potential issues with the location that might interfere with your intended use of the property. Often we uncover hidden expenses that the potential buyer or tenant is unaware of. We provide turnkey service and can process all the required permits and licenses required to operate.


Zoning Consulting

We can represent your property interests and maximize its financial potential using our expertise in this area. We prepare zoning justifications and prepare all applications and survey drawings. We can speak on your behalf at public hearings and inform neighborhood groups at their local meetings to garner support for your project. We have staff that are proficient at municipal code research and grasping technical issues. Our rates are reasonable and are substantially less than you would pay a zoning attorney for the same level of service. 


Sign Permits

We offer permit services to sign companies and individual business owners wishing to replace or add new signage. We can perform the code research and create the required drawings needed to get permit approval. We work with sign companies and can provide volume discounts. Same day service in most areas.


Surveying and Site Drawings

Permits Plus can provide surveys and civil drawings for both commercial and residential projects. We have great pricing and can prepare most surveys within 5 days. Revisions and resubmits at no additional charge within 48 hours.